Your personalreflection group

Your personalreflection group

Tell us about yourself. Listen to others. Start reflecting together about your bigger and smaller challenges.

At Essence, people can get together in small, confidential digital discussion groups, sharing their personal problems, emotional challenges and everyday psychological stress. And to get answers to seemingly difficult questions. This joint reflection on personal challenges is not only helpful for the person telling the story: it’s a constant generator of benefits and learning effects for the entire group. The diversity of perspectives on life is what makes that exchange so valuable, only at Essence.

All participants are permanently anonymous, which is one oft he reasons why the atmosphere in our reflection groups is characterized by such a unique mixture of privacy, familiarity and openness. It gets fortified by each individual’s honest and compassionate contribution, supported by consistent constellations and structured by a carefully designed communication process.

We know from experience that in this purposely created atmosphere, people can openly address personal issues in their conversation and be strengthened by the feedback they get by their group.


good communication

Hunting for followers and likes, self-promotion and the relentless devaluation of other people’s opinions – that is not our understanding of actual good communication. That is why we’ve created Essence, a digital space where people can get in touch with each other in order to learn from one another, openly and without any fear.

Here you become part of a discussion group in which you can confide and be honest. More than technology it’s our values and our attitude that make this possible.

Respect: Every person and every story deserves to be listened to empathetically. Appreciation is not a buzzword for us. It is the basis of our communication concept.

Openness: You don’t always have to have the same opinion, but it is important to take other perspectives seriously, to listen and to empathize – so that other points of view can become an enrichment.

Support: Essence is about giving and taking, contributing and accepting – always with the goal of helping everyone in the group by pointing out their individual challenges.

Our Story

The idea for Essence grew out of a personal need for engaging and focused conversations and a desire to be able to share everyday problems with someone.

See About Us to learn more about who are the people behind Essence and why they want to spread their idea.